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About 200 cubic meters of yeast settlements are generated during the production process of wine in the Lithuanian wine producing company. The settlements contain approximately 70% of wine. There was no possibility to separate wine from the settlements and company was forced to transport liquid waste to wastewater treatment plant for evaporation of wine material and then to transport the settlements to landfill. To reduce production costs and save materials, the company conducted cleaner production assessment. A decision has been made to install vacuum filter for yeast settlement filtration. After filtration, the wine is returned to the production process.


Environmental benefits:
  • waste reduction by 140 cubic meters/ year;
  • raw materil saving - 140000 litres;
  • reduced pollution from transport.

Economic advantage:
  • reduction of production and waste management costs;
  • profit from co-product sales.

Total investments - 46000 EUR, yearly savings - 124000 EUR, pay-back period - 3 months

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The innovation enabled to reduce raw material consumption, to reduce losses/ waste and to reduce production and waste management costs

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