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2 presses used a lot of steam for heating and water for tin-plate cooling in the vennering process. Big allowances in the process led to significant material losses. Increased used of resin led to increase of formaldehyde emissions. The presses have not been well hermetised and oil was going to the press pit. To prevent all these loses, the company developed press section modernisation project using cleaner production methodology. After modernisation, the water and steam are not used. Consumption of electricity and raw material consumption have also been reduced.


Environmental benefits:
Annual reductionof:
  •  water consumption by 860 cubic meters;
  •  oil consumption by 1.4 t;
  •  formaldehyde emissions by 25 kg;
  •  grease consumption and grease waste by 1.4 t;
  •  steam energy by 2000 Gcal.

Economic advantages:
  •  Total investment - 256 000 LTL;
  •  Project annual savings - 6700 LTL;
  •  Payback period - 2.6 years.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Reduction of material losses and reduction of energy consumption in the furniture production industry with a investment with pay-back period of less than 3 years

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Total investment by the company ~ 75000 EUR.


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