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One cooling tower can now be shut down completely, the second only partially. The third tower acts as a buffer for capacity bottlenecks. The restructuring of the process means that the cooling capacity is adequate and stable. AGN invested 6,000 euros in optimising the cooling towers and now saves approx. 450,000 KWh per year, corresponding to around 30,000 Euros. The cooling station was also subjected to testing in the course of the PIUS check. Until that time AGN required 36 ventilators to cool or homogenize the extrusion studs. The PIUS measures led to maximum energy savings here.
Further potential for improvement was discovered at the furnace. The small size of the charging box meant that the furnace had to be charged 14 times during one smelting process. The resultant door-opening time (approx. 28 minutes) meant that considerably more energy was required in order to maintain a consistent smelting temperature. AGN decided to improve the situation by an enlargement of the charging box.


The following savings could be achieved due to the implemented optimisation measures:

  • Cooling tower optimisation

Investement -      6,000 euros
Energy savings - 450,000 kWh/year
Cost savings -     approx.30,000 Euros/year

  • Enlargement of charging box

Investement -       25,000 euros
Energy Savings - 460,000 kWh/year
Cost Savings -     approx.30,000 Euros/year

  • Cooling station optimisation

Investement -       5,000 euros
Energy Savings - 55,000 kWh/year
Cost Savings -     approx.4,000 Euros/year

  • Total

Investement -       36,000 euros
Energy Savings - 1,000,000 kWh/year
Cost Savings -      approx.64,000 Euros/year


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The company has invested around 5,000 euros in a direct fresh air intake and a new ventilator. This has enabled six ventilators at the cooling station to be shut down. Savings per ventilator amount to 1.1 kWh, i.e. 220,000 kWh per year, or some 6,500 Euros.
AGN invested 25,000 Euros to enlarge the charging box. The enlargement of the charging box means that only nine charging actions are now required for each smelting. The door-open time of the furnace has been reduced to 20 minutes. With the time saving AGN has increased daily production by ten tonnes.
In addition, the company also saves 460,000 kWh per year, corresponding to approx. 30,000 Euros.
Furthermore, AGN also plans to utilise the waste heat of the tempering process, previously lost through the chimney (38,000 m3/ day with > 320°C), to heat 80 percent of the administration buildings and staff areas. The plan is to also use the waste heat of a further furnace (200,000 m3/ day with > 500°C) to preheat the ingots (unit that can be added to the furnace as an individual batch) to 300°C. The investment sum will amount to 300,000 euros.

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