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The present can (size - 350(+6,5;-10,0) cm3) which could be opened with the can opener was evaluated using life cycle assessment. It was identified that the greatest share of the costs and environmental impact is because of production of raw materials (steel) and soldering process in the manufacturing phase.
The can lid was improved in order it could be opened without can opener – using a pull tab.
The volume of the can was decreased until 320 cm3 in order to avoid the empty capacities in the can after filling it with the product.
Marking of the can with recycling symbol FE40 enables appropriate recycling in the end stage of the life cycle.
The main novelty of this product features – the usage of rigidity rings on the corps, enabling the usage of thinner steel leaf (decrease from 0.18 mm until 0.15 mm). The rigidity rings strengthen the can corps.


The implementation of the can design and technological features improvement the quality of the can was improved, the deformation proof is increased, the usage process have been improved as the users will be able to open the can easier. The possibility to recycle the can after the usage was improved because of marking with recycling marks and the construction enabling to discard the can together with the lid.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects :
The environmental impact of the can was decreased in the manufacturing and recycling stages of the life cycle. The improvement of manufacturing process: galvanism process – by 28%, production of tin sheet – by 21%, because of more efficient use of raw materials – by 212%, soldering process – by 22%, usage of electricity energy – by 20%. Because of improvement of the can form, the environmental impact in the transportation of the products was decreased by 84%.
Economic Aspects:
The direct economic benefit for the company because of the can innovation is about 1 Litas cents per one can. Considering the production amounts of the company the investments to the new technologies the payback period is 16 month.
Social Aspects (related to the work conditions):
The usage of the product is facilitated as the consumer doesn’t have to use any opening instrument – the opening is easier because of the ring-pull.

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