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After evaluation of environmental asspects - the waste of heat was identified as one of the most important aspects in  the  company, manufacturing the electronic components. There is a possibility to use thermal energy (0.52 Gcal/h) from technological processes for preheating section of the conditioner after installation of the conditioner. Utilisation of thermal energy is performed with glycol heat exchanger.


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental benefit:
Foreseen savings of thermal energy are 517,26 Gcal per month and are equal to 5 % of thermal energy purchased from municipal thermal station. City heating plant can save 374,4 t of oil per year and due to this can reduce air pollution by 21,1 t/year. 

Economical effect:
Total investments - 691 100 Lt;
Yearly savings -      304 563 Lt;
Pay-back period -   2.27 years.

Application examples

This innovation could also be implemented in other in dustry sectors, which produces reasonable amount of waste heat.



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