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We can help you with cleanups of both ground water and soil, and we are probably the most experienced in the field of biological remediation in.
Not only do we offer the least expensive service, but also the most tried and tested.
We are using natures own remedies, the bacteria that live in soil, and using those as an active agent in our biological cocktail, BioGel. This is a product of natural evolution, mixed with the newest results in science and our own experience and knowledge on the area.
On these pages, you can read all about how your contamination can be removed most efficiently. If you need further details or specific guidance, we advise you to contact us.
We can guide you how to treat your problem – and without any fee. Individual solutions – for individual problems.


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The bacteria should be placed in the area of the contamination, right where the problem is.
That is why we have developed certain techniques, that makes it possible to place our biological cocktail, BioGel™, right where it is most efficient.
Daily activities on the contaminated site
We are aware that often there are activities on a property that happens to be contaminated, and these activities can without difficulties continue, while the area is being remediated and cleaned.
The bacteria are working beneath the surface, while humans work above ground.
Our method is working by injecting bacteria directly into the ground, and does therefore not involve large machinery or trucks, big piles of dirt, or noisy installations that bother inhabitants, other work or the industry at the site.
We have developed a handful of methods, that all are designed specially for the task of placing BioGel™, where it is most needed.
On the following pages, you can see a step-by-step introduction to some of the most common methods. In some cases, it is necessary to use a combination of the methods and techniques in one solution, but most often a single method is enough to solve the problem at hand.

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