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BioKube are Danish developed and patented technology.
BioKube is the most compact systems with a diameter of only 110 cm. It installed without the use of heavy machinery and driving records. The facility is secured buoyancy, and the small lid, which is raised 20 cm above the ground ensures against ingress of surface water, even under extreme rainfall.
With its compact size is the removal of soil so minimal that it can often be in the garden. In many cases the bill for the removal of land is costly, but with a Biokube reduced cost of disposal of land.
BioKube groundwater is secured. The outlet from a BioKube is only 40 cm. below ground level, giving you the assurance that high water can not penetrate the plant. It is thus safe from that there will tilbagestuvning from end line. High groundwater in many places a major problem that must be taken into account in the choice of cleaning solution.
It gives a certain guarantee of quality when BioKube treatment plants are sold worldwide. There has installed over 4,000 Biokube treatment plants in 46 countries.
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BioKube has independent distributors in 46 countries.
Divided into geographic regions BioKube dealers in the following countries:
Europe: Norway, Sweden, Belgium, France, Bulgaria, Romania, Cyprus, Greece, Croatia, England, Ireland, Iceland, Poland, Finland, Spain, Portugal and Belarus
Middle East: Kuwait, UAE / Dubai, Oman, Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Syria, Lebanon, Iran, Libya
Far East: Thailand, Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand and Mauritius
North / South America: USA, Venezuela, Caribbean, Panama
Africa: Ghana, Nigeria, Sierra Leone, Togo, Ivory Coast, Liberia, Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa.


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Germany, Poland, Denmark, Lithuania, Estonia, Sweden, Finland



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René Grøn
Teknologisk Institut (DTI), Center for Produktion
2630 Taastrup
Tel: +45 7220 2937