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Provided services

  • Biomass and bio-waste resource evaluation and analysis

  • Bio-methane potential measurements

  • Digestate analysis

  • Experiments with pilot scale anaerobic reactors

  • Consultation on biogas production process scheme and plant design

Research cooperation

  • Optimization of anaerobic co-digestion

  • Nitrogen removal processes from reactor reject water

  • Development of process monitoring and control methods

For efficient organic matter reduction and energy production anaerobic processes and environmental conditions requirements have to be thoroughly understood to establish optimal process parameters for each and every treatment system. This is where external experts can help with their knowledge, experience and necessary facilities and equipment.


Bio-waste has for a long time been considered as a problem, but it has become a valuable resource for bio-energy and artificial fertilizer replacement that can be recovered via anaerobic technologies. For agricultural sector manure anaerobic digestion provides additional income and reduction of malodorous odour problems during manure storage and spreading on the field. On the other hand, usage of additional substrates for biogas production provides employment and possibility for energy self-sufficiency in the smaller communities.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Anaerobic environmental technologies provide cost efficient solutions for organic material treatment and nutrient removal from wastewater streams at the same time producing biogas that can be converted to electricity, heat, vehicle fuel or injected to the natural gas network.

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