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Ventilation cleaning is usually done by using mechanical brushes. The brushes move to both directions, vertically and horizontally thanks to which it is possible to effectively clean the ventilation duct. The joints of the ventilation system are cleaned with special vacuum cleaners. Cleaning hatches have to be installed in the piping. If not, cleaning hatches have to be installed according to the requirements of cleaning services. The removed dirt is collected through a micro filter into a special collecting bad from which the dirt cannot emanate. After the cleaning services are finished, the collected dirt will be transported safely out of the building. Company also uses a special video robot to examine the ventilation ducts before and after cleaning.


Ventilation is the change of air between the rooms inside the building and the outer environment. Properly planned and maintained ventilation guarantees a clean, fresh air and a pleasant environment for both work and leisure. Through ventilation humidity, unpleasant smells and excessive dust are removed.
Missing or poorly maintained ventilation causes the air to pollute fast. The people in the room use all the oxygen and the increased concentration of carbon dioxide makes them feel lazy and tired. Excessive humidity causes fungus and other organisms that make the building uninhabitable. To make ventilation work properly, the designer needs to know his occupation’s secrets and of course the technical requirements and material-device possibilities. For example the optimal temperature in a room should be 20-22ºC around the year and the CO2 limit in classrooms must be below 1000 ppm which is easily exceeded. Ventilation must clean the air of excessive dust and make it possible for each room to have exactly the right amount of air.
The dust mites cannot be seen with the naked eye. Still, there are millions of them on our clothes, in the air and in the ventilation shafts. Therefore it is necessary to clean the ventilation shafts regularly to prevent dust mites, other microbes and make air disease-free.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
The dust and microbes cause bad and non-healthy indoor climate and provoke illnesses and respiratory diseases. Cleaning the ventilation regularly and correctly creates healthier and pleasant environment for employees at work and inhabitants at home. Also, the collected dirt is transported safely out of the building and is handled with care to not harm people or environment.

Social Aspects
Like chimneys, ventilation pipes must be cleaned regularly. The work of a competent personage prevents the proliferation of diseases and parasites. The inhabitants of the rooms will have a significant increase in their life quality if the ventilation is clean and working.

Economic Aspects
If the ventilation is cleaned, it works properly and saves energy. It also keeps inhabitants healthy and therefore indirectly influences companies and countries financial resources by saving on payments for sickness or medicaments. The cost of the ventilation is cheaper while ordering full-service.

Application examples

Mostly large office building and kitchens order such cleaning service. There have also been some consultations and ventilation designing projects. The greatest demand is for the video robot in office buildings, public buildings, apartment buildings and even in private houses.


In 2010 company got a start-up company support from Enterprise Estonia ( ,also in English).


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