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The subject of the offer is a global system for testing, monitoring and forecasting storm activity in real time based on the ELF waves. The system uses efficient algorithms for analysis of wave resonance in the Earth-ionosphere cavity, through which the location of storms and their intensity in real time can be determined. A single device for storm monitoring already records signals from all lightning on Earth, without loosing any lightenings. The application of several to several dozen stations with recording equipment, distributed relatively evenly over the globe, in different continents in conjunction with the computing algorithm, allows for precise imaging of storm activity (both the location and intensity) in the given coordinates, even in the areas where their coverage by other methods is impossible. Global System for Testing, Monitoring and Forecasting Storm Activity also gives an opportunity to study atmospheric chemistry - measurement of nitrogen oxides (NOx) as a function of time, in the tropical inaccessible regions of the planet, and it may have many other applications in the field of science, as a study of electrical phenomena in the high layers of atmosphere, climate change and the greenhouse effect.


The main advantages of the proposed storm activity system are:
  • global coverage, even using only one monitoring device;
  • high precision of the lightening intensity determination;
  • ability to outline storm activity maps graduated in units of current per unit area, including the previously inaccessible areas of the globe by the other systems because of their limited access;
  • an opportunity to observe the movement of storm centers in real time.
  • small number of measurement points (the target system 15-30 points) required for highly precise monitoring of storm events on a global scale;
  • very high apparatus reliability due to the simplicity of the applied technical solutions.

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The offered storm activity system is still being developed at the Astronomical Observatory at the Faculty of Physics, Astronomy and Applied Computer Science of the Jagiellonian University (including it's practical application in the Bieszczady Mountains region). Currently the Centre for Innovation, Technology Transfer and University Development (CITTRU) is looking for companies and institutions interested in the technology development, its testing and application of data obtained by the system.



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