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LEMKEN has changed the process flow from assembly prior to painting to a system of painting all components before final assembly. The core element of the new facility is a cathodic dip coating (CDC) plant.
During an electrophysical process, the paint is deposited onto the components (cathode) by applying a voltage field. For this purpose, a high-build coating method is applied resulting in a uniform coating thickness of about 50 μm. The lacquer used is an acrylate-based two-component coating material which, unlike conventional coating systems, is chromophoric in addition. As a result, a complete step in the workflow has become dispensable. The share of solvents in the new paint is as low as two to four per cent. The exhaust air from the coating plant is passed through a thermal afterburning system.
In addition, owing to a particularly effective centrifugal blasting machine, pickling of the components is no longer required.


Annual savings of:

  • process water: 300,000 m3

  • organic solvents: 15 tons

  • paints: 70 tons

Furthermore, CO2 emissions are mitigated by 500 tons each year.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

To improve corrosion protection and adhesion of the lacquer to the material, the components are pre-treated by zinc phosphating. In order to reduce contamination, fresh water consumption and thus, the volume of sewage generated, the company uses cascade washing prior to phosphating and degreasing. The remaining largely reduced volume of sewage is purified in a modern sewage treatment plant. Waste heat is recovered by means of an energy-recovery circuit and used in the coating plant as well as for heating of the halls and the social building.

Application examples


The company’s house bank established contact with the PIUS Financing consultancy by EFA NRW. With technical support by EFA, the company was able to successfully apply for a loan from the NRW waste water investment programme (funding area 1.3, approved PIUS) at the NRW Bank. The project was funded with a loan of about EUR 5 million. Altogether, LEMKEN invested more than EUR 11 million in the new coating plant, which also included the construction of new production halls.


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in-house project, not meant for sales

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