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Dirostahl invested € 25 000 in the completion of the existing EDP (ABAS system) to organize furnace campaigns. Owing to an enhanced planning of processes, the transfer of materials between the single processes, e.g. from the forge to the rolling mill, is largely performed in a hot state today. In this way, energy consumption could be reduced to 50 %, resulting in the specific energy costs to amount currently to € 10 per ton, based on 5 000 tons of material. This has resulted in total savings of € 50 000 per year.
In addition, Dirostahl could reduce the material input. The enhancement was achieved by means of an in-house process-oriented software solution based on MS Excel. Today, material input is calculated on the basis of the type of material, the complexity and the risk of transformation and the dimensional ratios, respectively. The differentiated optimization of allowances takes into account scale losses, discarded ends, slugs and the risks of transformation (cracks, overlaps, errors in dimensions or form). Especially in ring production, a reduction of ca. 3 per cent of the material input weight has been achieved. Based on 32 000 t of rings per year, this amounts to 1 000 t per year, corresponding to about € 1 million. Altogether, the measures implemented have led to savings of more than € 1 million per year.


  • Energy demand for workpiece heating reduced by 50 %

  • Reduction of input material

  • Accumulated annual savings: > € 1,000,000

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

A close revision of material input concepts calculations resulted in considerable material savings. Material losses, which amounted to about 20 000 t of high-quality input material and are in part inevitable, could be noticeably reduced. The savings could be realized without large investments in new machinery, but simply by smarter production procedures. Investment of € 25,000 allowed in annual savings of € 50,000 due to more efficient furnace campaigns, resulting in a payback period of only 6 months.

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