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Wastewater is first collected in a septic tank where primary sludge is stored. Hereafter, sinkable materials are held back in the pre-clearing compartment before the biological clearing stage is reached. Supported by compressed air aeration, a biofilm of microorganisms attached to a carrier material made from polyethylene with a large protected surface (500 m2/m3) clears the water. It is then transferred into the final sedimentation tank, where remaining sludges are removed via a sludge-collecting gutter and pumped back into the septic tank in a time-controlled manner. Biologically cleared waste water reaches runoff via a discharge device.



Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The difference to standard fixed film systems is that the carrier material (matrix) floats and is agitated during aeration for complete stirring of wastewater and microorganisms. This enhances the water clearing performance significantly in comparison to statical films and, as a result, reduces sludge accumulation.WSB® clean pro is equipped with a control unit for the power supply as well as the automatic control of the compressor and immersion pumps in the final sedimentation. For optimized operation at minimum energy consumption, the aerator works intermittently, with changing operation and recess times. Thus, energy consumption is as low as 70 kWh per resident and year. Actual operating parameters can be precisely defined taking into account the varying waste water accruals during the course of the day.

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