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The principle of Super-Light Structures (SLS) is to combine traditonal heavy construction concrete, with a lightweight concrete.
By supporting traditonal concrete with a layer of lightweight concrete on one or more sides, the strength of the tradtional concrete can be icnreased significantly, allowing lower weight and higher strength.
The first commercial product based on the SLS technology is the SL-Deck, developed and owned by the company Abeo A/S, which in 2010 aquired the SLS patent from the Technical Univeristy of Denmark (DTU).


Lower weight, material consumption, CO2 emissions, higher strenght and longer spans as well as improved acoustics and fire insulating capabilities.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The combination of different types of concrete is not new, such principles has been applied since the Romans invented concrete. However, in todays modern construction, this line of thought has been forgotten. Instead modern concrete structures are heavy and loaded with significant amounts of steel reinforecement. For this reason, the concrete industry accounts fro app. 10 % of worldwide CO2 emissions. This prroblem can be solved by appliyng old ideas ot the modern way of building and producing concrete structures.

Application examples

The SLS principle can in theory be applied to any type of concrete structure, however, the first commercially available product is the SL-Deck.




Current stage of development

Available for demonstration – field tested
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Patent applied for, Patent granted, Copyright protected, Secret know-how, Trade mark

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Germany, Denmark, Sweden



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