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An SBR waste water treatment plant basically comprises two treatment steps. First, waste water runs into the mechanical primary treatment where coarse solids are sedimented and stored with the secondary sludge from the SBR reactor in the sludge storage. Mechanically pretreated waste water is also kept in the storage, hydraulic overload is prevented by an additional security storage. Second, by means of a filling device operated by compressed air, the biological stage is charged with pretreated waste water within a very short period of time with a defined minimum quantity (cycle volume). The nitrification and de-nitrification phases are followed in case of an appropriate load by the settlement phase during which cleared water as well as a sludge layer are formed. The cleared water layer is drawn off through the outlet by means of a compressed air sewage lifting unit. Surplus activated sludge is brought back into the primary treatment and is stored there together with primary sludge.
Function of the system is illustrated in a short movie available online:


  • Independence from sewer system
  • Easy maintenance through remote monitoring
  • Easy adaptation to customer requirements and potential expansion
  • 5 years warranty on construction and technical equipment provided by utp

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

SBR systems exhibit a high carbon clearing ratio (>90%). Technique applied in the wastewater is free of wear which also holds true for air compressors, resulting in low maintenance costs. By making use of the offered remote monitoring, operators do not have to take care for their wastewater treatment which will increase acceptance of such decentralized systems amongst entrepreneurs.

Application examples

Hotel “Reischelhof” in Wegscheid, Germany, was successfully equipped with a kläropro® system dimensioned for 150 PE and put into operation in 2009. Other installations with 60 to 100 PE were realised in hotels located in Austria and Greece.



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