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The operation of the proposed ventilation-heating system is divided in two phases. The first includes the ordinary natural gas heating, while the heating in the second phase is performed by heat exchanger. The printing machine emits 9000 m³ of 38ºC air per hour when it is cooling. The cooling operation lasts for 7 hours a day. It is possible to heat the administration office of the company by recuperating the heat energy from the emitted air. When the printing machine is not cooling, i.e. when the hot air is not being emitted, the office is heated by natural gas boiler.


The new technology is proposed for the reduction of natural gas consumption. By implementing the new technology will enable the company to save up to 6700 Lt a year. The operation of the new ventilation-heating system will be fully automatic and will require only regular maintenance.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
The new technology will enable to reduce the consumption of natural gas by 3919 m³. It will result in the decrease of emissions: CO by 0,049 t; NOx by 0,02 t; and CO2 by 32,048 t.

Economic Aspects
The implementation cost of the technology is approximately 20 000 Lt, whereas the cost of the heat exchanger is approximately 10 000 Lt.

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