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New calendar has three circular conjunct layers of white lined paper board. By turning circles, the value of day and month is changed in the hole of the upper layer.

Thanks to new design concept the calendar, 4 out of 8 materials are eliminated. This reduces the environmental impact of the product in all stages of its life cycle.


New design of a wall calendar enables to reduce environmental impact by 65 %. The variety of materials is reduced. Therefore, the impact in some stages of the life cycle, i.e. material production and end of life is reduced as well. The new calendar has considerable place for advertisement on its surface. These features could be used for the marketing purposes. No waste is generated in the  usage stage. The whole product could be utilized at the end of the year.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Reduction of environmental impact in production (66%) and waste disposal (61%) stages.
Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)
Not identified
Economic Aspects
Decreased amount of raw materials have the direct impact on the production costs.

Application examples

The mentioned calendar concept could be used as the alternative type of the wall calendar – for representing the environmental attitude of the company, using calendar for advertisement.




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Development phase – laboratory tested

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