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Substrates are introduced into an inner container and fermented under thermophilic conditions at 50°C. 90% of the overall produced biogas is generated at this stage of the process which also eliminates pathogens and weed seeds. After a retention period of 40 days, the digestate reaches the outer container via an overflow and remains there again for 40 days under mesophilic conditions. Afterwards, the digestate is pumped to a foil covered storage tank which also serves as gas storage. Due to the compact design of the fermenters and efficient insulation (heat conduction coefficient: 0.4 W/m2K), energy consumption to maintain the fermentation process is as low as 12.5-20% of the produced energy at outside temperatures of -20°C.
Sediments are pushed to a pit in the container centre by a circling grate. There, they may be withdrawn by suction when required well during operation times. This solution avoids costly downtime which occurs for cleaning of conventional fermenters.


  • High biogas yields (plus 20-30% compared to standard techniques)
  • Sediment removal during plant operation
  • Biogas desulphurisation through controlled oxygen injection
  • Low energy consumption
  • Insensitive towards impurities

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Coupling of thermophilic and mesophilic digestion by the outlined fermenter arrangement is a novelty in wet fermentation allowing high performance in biogas production even in colder climates. Containers are erected with high quality concrete by a solid-state construction method avoiding joints. Complemented by the described sediment removal solution, the plant concept is superior to standard techniques.

Application examples

A 3 million € plant constructed in Bad Dürrenberg, Saxony Anhalt, is operated with liquid cattle manure, cow dung, energy crops and chicken faeces. With an assumed running time of 8.000 operating hours per year, 4 million kWh of electricity are generated by a combined heat and power unit (534 kW) which is 1.000 meters remote to the plant site. Heat produced in parallel is injected into the district heating system of Bad Dürrenberg.



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