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Thiele Metallveredelungs-GmbH
Mr. Uwe Thiele (CEO)
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58332 Schwelm
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Thiele offers zinc coating followed by dip coating for passivation applying a top coat process. The company is characterised by its high flexibility concerning product quantities ranging from large scale throughput to single workpieces. Installation of the new zinc coating line including 24 separate stations comprised an investment of 500,000 €. In addition to the reduced water consumption, chemical application in the galvanizing baths could also be lowered. The device for exploiting rain water for rinsing procedures reduces fresh water consumption by 1000 m3 annually, allowing amortisation of the corresponding 15,000 € investment in roughly three years.


  • Cyan free process
  • Replacement of fresh water by rain water
  • Reduction of fresh water consumption by 40%
  • Reduced chemical use

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Applying rain water for rinsing purposes is a pioneering approach in galvanizing processes carried out by a few companies only. Early adopters like Thiele are essential for the establishment of such environment friendly solutions in the surface treatment sector.

Application examples


Galvanic equipment in surface treatment companies are generally individually installed facilities which can hardly be compared with each other. Hence, for expansion or revision of existing installations quite different investments are required.


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