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Prior to the implementation of this innovation, four different sorts of wastewater (concentrated acidic chromium and concentrated alkaline solutions, acidic chromium and alkaline washing water) were separately collected in the individual reservoirs and were later neutralised using appropriate substances and flocculants. Cleaner production assessment revealed that this process was inefficient. A new technical innovation supported by wastewater collection by conjunction and self-flowing as well as modernised filtering system has been instaled. This modernization enabled to save electricity, to reduce the amount of wastewater and consumption of chemicals.


Modernization of wastewater treatment facilities in the plating department of electronic ware manufacturing company focused on electricity savings, reduction of the amount of wastewater as well as reduction in chemicals consumption has clear economic and environmental benefits.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental benefits:
Electricity savings – almost 350 MWh/ year;
Reduction in chemicals consumption (HCl, NaCl, alkaline solutions) – 5.27 t/ year.

Total profit from the project implementation in a given case was almost 87 000 EUR/ year (payback period – 3.4 years)

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Total investment is approximately 0.29 million EUR


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