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The electrochromic technology is based on a thin (<0.4mm) plastic laminate foil that is able to regulate its transmittance of light and heat radiation by the application of a low electrical voltage (1.5V), and that has a memory effect. The foil can be applied to glass or used as laminate between layers of glass. The voltage drives ions from a layer of nickel oxide, via a polymer electrolyte, into a layer of tungsten oxide. Both of the oxide layers then become darker. Reversing the polarity makes the ions move in the opposite direction, and the two layers brighten. Applications for ChromoGenics energy reducing electrochromic technology include windows for architectural and transport vehicle markets.  


Smart window technology is a solution which can reduce energy consumption in buildings by as much as 50%. ChromoGenics electrochromic technology makes windows 30-86% more energy efficient. ChromoGenics technology can reduce the maximum load on the cooling system by 15-41%. Unique technology developed for cost efficient roll-to-roll coating of electrochromatic thin flexible foils. 

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The main environmental impact is the decreasing of greenhouse gases due to the fact that less energy is spent in buildings and that the fuel consumption of cars Is lowered.  

Application examples

Applications for ChromoGenics windows include buildings and vehicles.



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