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Impurities which are sorted out by the novel colander are added again after the sqeezing procedure to the colza cake which is used as animal feed. Thus, oil production process is poor in leftovers. Extraction of oil from the colza after sqeezing is achieved with the application of hexane which is condensed out afterwards from emissions. A stabilized cooling water temperature could be achieved by modernization of control, pump system and heat exchangers, resulting in increased hexane recovery. The effect could be further improved by prolonged dwell times at higher temperatures in the toaster, which was made possible by retrofit of the process technology and improved maintenance. Hexane consumption was reduced by 77 tons per year. Measures described here were based on a PIUS check carried out by Effizienz-Agentur (EFA) of North Rhine-Westphalia.


  • Considerably improved oil yields (378 tons)

  • Avoidance of machinery deadlock

  • Reduced hexane consumption (minus 77 tons)

  • Reduction of VOC (hexane) emissions

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The given example demonstrates that significant material efficiency improvements can be realized in production processes with moderate investments featuring rapid payback times.

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PIUS Check costs have been funded by the VerMat programme offered by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology via the German material efficiency agency (demea).

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