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Fuel is introduced to the actual fluidized bed gasifier, the Reformer, by means of a lock system. In a fluidized bed system like this, a bed of sand is held in suspension by a gas flow. Water vapor is used for this purpose in the Heatpipe-Reformer. Fuel particles mix ideally in this "fluidized", highly turbulent bed of sand, and begin to convert into a gas mixture at temperatures of around 800°C. One major advantage of this process is that the fuel that is added does not have to be completely gasified. Part of the fuel is discharged downward via a filter system into a second fluidized bed combustion chamber in the form of residual coke and/or char. This second fluidized bed is fluidized by means of air. Residual coke burns at temperatures of around 900°C in this fluidized bed, thus providing heat at temperatures around 900°C, which is then returned to the Reformer via heat pipes.


  • Highly efficient gasification of wooden biomass
  • Electrical and heat output of 360 kW and 560 kW, respectively (from 1.3 MW heating input)
  • Use of renewable, locally available material
  • Replacement of fossil fuel (natural gas)

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Efficient generation of electricity in small-scale plants has thus far been possible only with gas engines, micro turbines and - medium-term - with fuel cells. These machines require liquid or gaseous fuels, and thus suitable gasification technologies.   
Coupled with a gas engine or a micro gas turbine, a Heatpipe-Reformer can achieve electrical efficiency factors of up to 25%; and, in fact, a Heatpipe-Reformer coupled with a fuel cell will even be able to reach factors of up to 35% in the future. In addition to the benefit of decentralization that incorporates cogeneration, the Heatpipe-Reformer can achieve overall efficiencies that have thus far been possible only in plants that have a significantly higher load scale factor.

Application examples

The first commercial wood gasification plant is being built in Grassau (Bavaria) with financial support of €850,000 from the Federal Ministry for the Environment.


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