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In contrast to the formerly installed forging hammers, the novel 4-jaw forging press prevents widening of the material during the forging process. Hence, the working piece only expands longitudinal, resulting in duplication of forging velocity. This enables finishing of the piece in a single action and avoids reheating. In combination with a guide rail manipulator, the novel press allows for higher precision of the forging which reduces chips due to milling from 10 % down to 8% of the input material. It is expected that this ratio will further improve in the future with growing experience with the new equipment.


  • Gas consumption: 44 % reduction

  • Water consumption: 100 % reduction (4400 m3)

  • Waste water: 100 % reduction (2000 m3)

  • Hazardous waste (oil sludge): 100 % (110 kg)

  • Noise: 70 % reduction (down to 80 dBA)

  • Vibration: 100 % reduction

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The novel forging technique has been implemented in this field of application (workpieces of less than 2 tons) for the first time. Furthermore, the applied regeneration furnace is equipped with flat flame burners which are directly connected with thermal recuperation. This ensures effective heat recovery, resulting in reduced gas consumption.

Application examples


Novel technique was implemented in a nearly cost neutral way (February 2007) with financial support of the environment innovation programme provided by the Federal Ministry for the Environment. It is expected to generate savings of approximately 140,000 € when finally installed compared to the four existing forging hammers, although financing will still account for 44 % of the costs


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