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For weight reduction purposes, a growing fraction of parts in planes is made from carbon fibres. Since these fibres form galvanic cells in association with the traditionally applied aluminium due to the electrochemical series of elements, unwanted side effects like electric tension and corrosion occur. This problem is avoided by using parts made of titanium instead of aluminium.
In the melting procedure, titanium functions as an electrode (anode) in the vacuum arc remelting furnace by applying a high voltage. Liquid titanium constantly drops into a water cooled copper crucible to prevent reactions of titanium with the copper. The melt in contact with the crucible is forced to freeze and form a jacket termed skull. After reaching the needed amount of molten material, the negative electrode (cathode) is retracted. The material is casted into a casting mould of desired shape made of ceramics which is preheated in a bogie hearth furnace. Compared to conventional milling, material consumption is reduced from 11 kg/kg finished part down to 2.1 kg/kg.


  • Investment casting of large titanium parts (up to 1500 mm)
  • Considerable improvement of material and energy efficiency
  • CO2  emission reduction by 80%
  • Savings of €1,515,000 annually
  • Suitable for several other metals (e.g. zirconium)

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Casting of titanium parts is difficult since it is important to make sure that the casting mould is completely filled with metal without any cavities. This is complicated by the fact that titanium sets very quickly.
TITAL has applied investment casting for the first time for titanium parts up to 1500 mm in diameter in Germany. It is thus the first company able to provide titanium parts of sufficient proportions for the aviation industry.

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