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We have developed a patented oil-preheating system that only uses 1/10 of the electric energy compered to our competitors. We use 250 w in apx. 1,5 minute to create a oil temp. of 80 degrease.
Our competitors use up to 1.100 w in apx. 5-6 minutes.
Our system does so without derstroying and burning the oil. Burning the oil creates "burnflakes" and "bits" that afterwards will loosen, float around in the tank and end up in the burning system and nozzle and cause the unit to be unrelieble and stop.
Due to our patented system, ours does not burn the oil. It only rises the temp. to whatever the presetting is set to. 
The new in our system is that the oil is not in direct contact with the heating devise, and therefor it does not burn and destroy the oil.

We have developed our own boiler's and have by tests found out that it is very importent that bio-oil burns at the right temp. We have therefor developed our own system that creates the right temp. in the chamber at all time.
All our boilers come with a "warm ennovironment tube" as standard.
This causes the temp. to rise in the chamber to a degree that burns the glyserin and parrafins knowm to be in bio-oil. Therefor our unit's runs perfecktly and are by far the most relieble bio-oil heating systems in the entire world.


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

We have now over 25 units out running, and that saves the environment for CO2 outlet, and our custermers for a lot of money.
The danish govement estimates that there is about 250.000 dieseloil burners in Denmark. 100.000 of them are old units and therefore it would be good for the environment to change these with new biooil units. 1.000 units pa. is 1% of the actuel market.......and that is just Denmark.....


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Patent granted
Oilpreheater patented in nov. 2010

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René Grøn
Teknologisk Institut (DTI), Center for Produktion
2630 Taastrup
Tel: +45 7220 2937