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We can help you create an organizational and processual set-up that ensures the environment for you to create sustainable and innovative solutions, supported by strong relations on the team. We have the following mechanisms in place all based on PRINCE2, Agile Project Leadership, and Positive Psychology:
When it comes to ensuring the optimum sustainability, Happy Projects® has a number of project mechanisms in place:
1.      In any project it is important to initially ensure, that you work on the right project idea. This is also the case for ensuring sustainability. We have developed an innovation tool to think out of the box resulting in sustainable business solutions.
2.      The business management is given by a Steering Committee. We have the procedures and training in place to ensure the given direction of the project is followed and adjusted properly. Ensuring the development of sustainable solutions of the highest possible quality.
3.      We increase return on investment by making continuous flow of value our focus.
4.      We deliver reliable results by engaging customers in frequent iterations, interactions and shared ownership.
5.      We unleash creativity and innovation by recognizing that individuals are the ultimate source of value, and creating an environment where they can make a difference.
6.      We boost performance through group accountability for results and shared responsibility for team effectiveness.
7.      We improve effectiveness and reliability through situationally specific strategies, processes and practices
8.      A structured approach to ensure Happiness at Work.
In our Happy Projects®, the project members experience involvement, overview, and an interest in supporting the project as much as possible. This applies to the customers, the Project Leaders, the members of the Project Team, and to the Steering Group members.


The advantages are clearly development of the right idea in the right manner: The development of your sustainable products benefits from innovation ensuring you work with the right idea, and during the development and/or the implementation phases the advantage is, that your idea is being produced/implemented as effectively as possible.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Our services within innovation and project management support your development of sustainably products by setting up project procedures based on innovation, cooperation, customer input, and flexibility. Our aim is to have all participants building upon the ideas of their colleges resulting in a strong cooperation leading to powerful, sustainable results.  
Our services also require an important effort from you: You need to set aside a number of management resources and to supply participants from a larger number of different competencies.

Application examples

  1. Fine tuning of your project model – With you we analyse your project model and fine tune it. Hereafter you choose a pilot project and we train the pilot project team in Happy Projects®. During the pilot project we assist in running a Happy Project.

  2. Course in Happy Projects® - We train your employees in the relevant parts of Happy Projects®. After the course you can choose to benefit from our services such as Happy Project® hotline, mentoring, and 360⁰ analysis of your Project Leaders.


Fine tuning of your project model costs 8.500 DKK plus V.A.T. pr. day for all days except the training. Training days cost 25.000 DKK plus V.A.T. pr. day.


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