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Until recently, R744 has been used for freezing purposes only in cascade systems to a very low extend in food refrigeration. This is due to the physical properties of CO2 with its very low critical point at 31°C, translating into a greater energy demand above 26°C ambient temperature and high operation pressures (up to 120 bars) compared to HFC refrigeration systems. Nevertheless, transcritical CO2 booster systems (2 refrigeration steps) show better energy performance up to an average ambient temperature of 15°C. In addition to avoided indirect emissions by reduced power consumption, direct emissions of the refrigerant are negligible in contrast to standard equipment with HFCs which show a high global warming potential (GWP). GWP of the standard supermarket refrigerant R404A equals 3784 whereas the GWP of CO2 equals 1. Since supermarket refrigeration installations in Europe show 15% refrigerant leakage per year, roughly one third of the overall greenhouse gas emissions of refrigeration systems are caused by HFC refrigerant leakage. An additional argument to choose a CO2 system is that it exhibits excellent heat recovery characteristics for heating purposes or the preparation of hot sanitary water – a crucial aspect for supermarkets in Europe.


  • 100% environmental friendly

  • Non toxic, inflammable

  • Single refrigerant applied

  • No global warming impact, GWP=1

  • No ozone depletion

  • No zone classification

  • Compact design

  • Low noise

  • Easy installation

  • Easy service

  • Low energy consumptions

  • Low cost of installation

  • Low cost of maintenance

  • Future proof solution

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Transcritical booster systems in general have not been offered until recent years. Compressors and other components designed for high pressures occurring with R744 compression have not been available. Small companies like ADVANSOR are responsible for the rapid development and maturation of these environmental sound systems which are now becoming a standard in countries like Sweden and Denmark. The technique is also suitable for other cooling or air conditioning purposes and for heat pumps.

Application examples

Advansor has successfully installed CO2 systems in more than 250 supermarkets in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, the United Kingdom and Switzerland (see website for reference details).




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