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New telecom solution creates savings at all levels.
Signalix Messaging Gateway is a new, innovative and affordable telecommunications product. The solution consists of a modem and a piece of software to a standard PC or laptop.
Using Gateway, organizations and enterprises are able to save costs, optimize operations and improve service. Variety of SMS-related tasks can be used internally and externally.
Externally, the system can create groups to send "intelligent" text messages out and receive answers. It means the system responds back from what the user asks. It is also possible to set up automatic answers on questionnaires. One click can result broadcasting of messages (warnings)  to large groups of people.
Users can subscribe for information via self-service. There are endless possibilities.
Internally the Gateway can be used as a tool remembering employees on important tasks and meetings using the built-in "Planning" (reminders can be sent via SMS and/or e-mail).
Urgent service calls can be forward from main service number to privet mobile of officer on duty.


Normally this kind of solutions demands expensive contracts, long term commitments, monthly fees and overtaxed SMS prices - forget it and:

  • Send messages to ONE or MANY individuals - few clicks only

  • Automatic SMS reminder of important events in people’s life

  • Ability to receive SMS queries and automatic SMS replies

  • Intuitive and very easy-to-use.

  • Operation costs equivalent to price & number of SMS messages

  • No contracts, no commitments, no monthly fees.

  • Reliable and high-quality solution.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

After purchasing of Signalix Messaging Gateway the only additional cost is payment to cheapest supplier of SMS traffic. 
Extreamely user friendly and intuitive application. Can be installed and customized by anybody - no special qualifications required.

Application examples

The system gives great advantages to:

  • Any company having 24 hours service

  • Distributors of important and/or urgent information to groups of people or individuals

  • Commercial stores notifying special offers.

  • Schools and kindergartens for contact with parents.

  • Banks and debt collectors reminding payment date.

  • Organizers of events, music clubs, pubs, disco etc.


Enduser price, all includet: EUR 1.160,00


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Poland, Denmark



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René Grøn
Teknologisk Institut (DTI), Center for Produktion
2630 Taastrup
Tel: +45 7220 2937