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Application fields for snowcooling
Snowcooling is suitable for all cooling purposes, i.e. comfort, storage and process cooling.
Snowcooling is used directly for cooling purposes where the temperature need is slightly above 0°C or warmer. If lower temperatures are required and a cooling machine is needed, it is advantageous to use snow as a cold sink for the compressor, instead of air. The reduction in electricity consumption is typically 50% or more.
With snowcooling we can offer our customers the cooling energy and power needed. In many cases the deciding advantage of the technology is that with competent design a snowcooling plant has no cooling power limit. Besides, it is easy to modify the cooling 


Environmental Aspects
·         Reduced energy consumption for cooling means less environmental burden
·          Replacing conventional chillers means no usage of refrigerants that are harmful to the ozone layer as well as potent greenhouse gases
Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)         
·         Not known yet
Economic Aspects
·         The reduction in electricity consumption is often more than 50%. Snowcooling may also mean shorter snow transportations and a way to handle polluted city snow.
·         All these factors are important in an economical evaluation. 

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Unique benefits of snowcooling
  • Electricity consumption is reduced up to 90-95% with direct cooling
  • Electricity consumption often decreases 50% or more for freezers
  • Snowcooling is relatively insensitive to increasing electricity prices
  • Snowcooling provides ”unlimited” cooling power
  • Snowcooling may mean shorter snow transportations
  • Snowcooling facilitates handling of polluted city snow 

Application examples

Key products
The Sundsvall snowcooling plant – large scale snowcooling
Since the summer of 2000 the hospital in Sundsvall uses snow cooling, both for comfort and storage, with very good operational results. The snowcooling plant in Sundsvall is unique, and was the only plant of its kind, until 2010, when a snowcooling plant, constructed on the the same basic principles as in Sundsvall, was put into operation at the Chitose “Eco-Airport” in Japan (not a Snowpower project).
Above you will find a basic scheme of the Sundsvall snowcooling plant, and here you find more related information including operational results year by year.



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Snowpower AB is aiming for the (relevant) international market

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