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Standard equipment for removal of sludge push the sludge towards a certain point where a pump is located. The pump suck out the sludge. Moving of sludge is difficult sometimes. The sedimented sludge can be mixed while moving. ROBOT 90 sucks the sludge from the places where sludge had sedimented.
ROBOT 90 can be applied for collection of any kind of sludge - organic and unorganic, s.c. light or heavy. ROBOT 90 can work in basins of any shape - round, square, rectangular or irregular. If there is any obstacle as pole or wall stump on the bottom, ROBOT 90 avoids it.
ROBOT 90 can be applied in basins with horisontal or sloping bottom. Suction intensity in different parts of the basin can be controlled and adapted to the amount of sedimented sludge in particular place.


The bottom can be horisontal or sloping.
There is no need for bridge above the basin.
Energy consumption is very low.
Maintanance is very easy.
Sucsion intensity can be controlled.
Construction is very light; a bit above 30 kg.
ROBOT 90 avoids obstacles.
ROBOT 90 can be easily moved from one basin to another.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Very low energy consumption.
Very low material (metal, plastics) consumption because of light construction

Easy maintenance
Almost no risk for accidents
In long run terms a cheap solution comparing standard equipments.

Economic Aspects
Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)

Application examples

Removing of sludge from sedimentation basins in sewage water treatment plants
Removing of sludge from sedimentation basins and clarifiers in different waterworks



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