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The concentrating collectors provide heat from 180 up to 250°C suitable for steam generation and other applications like solar cooling. In case of the latter, hot water drives a 2-stage absorption chiller which provides a refrigeration capacity of 100 kW up to the MW range depending on customer specifications. Coefficient of performance (COP) lies at 1.3 and beyond, which is 2-3 times higher in comparison to 1-stage absorption chillers. A uniaxial tracking system ensures the precise tracking of the sun course, thereby maximizing solar yield. Short term storage of excess heat and bridging of deficits is accomplished by a hot water tank of appropriate dimension. This auxiliary element allows for continuous operation of the chillers. Therefore, the system can generally be applied in buildings or applications which exhibit an air conditioning or refrigeration need, respectively. Since the need for electrical power during operation of this system is very low, electricity grids are significantly released compared to conventional systems with big power consumption due to mechanical compressors. A fully automated production line for the PTC 1800 ensures a high and stable quality according to international quality standards (ISO 9001 : 2000).


  • higher temperatures compared to flat plate collectors
  • generation of saturated steam up to 7 bars
  • automated tracking system
  • Air conditioning/refrigeration without fluorinated refrigerants with high greenhouse potential
  • independent from power supply structures and rising energy prices

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Solar cooling devices are an emerging technique with only a few companies reaching market readiness with their products. The SOLITEM collector exhibits its innovative characteristic through its high efficiency and versatility since it is suitable for heating, cooling, steam and power generation.

Application examples

  • Alanod; Ennepetal, Germany: 24 PTC 1800, process steam generation
  • Metro Cash & Carry, Antalya (12,690 m3): 48 PTC 1800, 2-stage absorption chiller, 250 kW capacity


Amortisation time of an installation strongly depends on the local solar radiation conditions (6-8 years on average).


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