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The method description is as follows:
  1. Vacuum cleaning of infected surface using device with HEPA filter.
  2. Steam cleaning using brush or plate nozzle (The temperature of the steam must be above 130 °C when it hits the surface)
  3. Steam cleaning using cotton cloth over nozzle
  4. Vacuum cleaning of disinfected surface an surrounding area using device with HEPA filter
  5. Micro biological testing to ensure that surface is clean (if not repeat from step one)


The main reason you should choose the micro clean® method is that it yields is the highest quality available on the market.
At the same time it is the fastest and most efficient way.
Compared to demolition the cost of cleaning is approximately a 10th.
Costs of cleaning using Chemicals and the Micro Clean® method are similar, but using Dry steam ensures that no biomass or toxic chemicals will be left in the interior climate.  

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

The method replaces use of toxic chemicals and gives the opportunity to continue using building parts instead of replacing them.
The method does use electricity to produce steam, but much less compared to the energy used producing chemicals and tearing down/rebuilding constructions parts.
The method removes mould from indoor environments.
  1. The method is highly profitable to both end user and supplier of this service  
  2. The method has been used in Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Germany Possibilities to access to European/national funds, etc…

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