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Altiflex modules efficiently close any construction site while work is on-going and protect the building against weather damage and theft. The interim closures allow for streamlining of building processes independent of weather conditions which results in large savings on the overall construction time as well as avoidance of penalties for late delivery.
The product is characterised by its unique flexibility which means that each module may be expanded by up to 25 cm in both width and height. Altiflex provides a range of standard modules that will fit any opening. After use, the modules are simply dismantled and removed for cleaning and subsequent reuse by the provider. Everything is reused. Nothing is discarded – as opposed to conventional solutions.


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Altiflex modules are based on aluminium profiles and polycarbonate panes. There are many advantages to Altiflex modules compared to conventional temporary door and window closures:
  • Fast and efficient sealing of the site.
  • Shorter construction times. Construction is shortened as the site dries out faster.
  • Improved working environment. Workmen can work in a comfortable environment – even in winter.
  • Tight and durable. Altiflex modules protect against draughts and damp. Unaffected by wind.
  • Minimised damage from moisture, mold and fungus.
  • Insulation. Altiflex modules insulate so well that heating costs in the winter months are considerably reduced. The U value corresponds to a conventional thermal pane.
  •  Daylight. The polycarbonate pane allows daylight to enter the building.
  • Safety railing. The modules form a strong barrier which also works as a safety railing.
  • Theft-protection. It is much more difficult to break into a building that is sealed with Altiflex modules compared to breaking into a building sealed with conventional solutions.
  • Elegant design that makes the site looks tidy already during construction.
  • Removal cost eliminated. No costs for removal of disposable closures.
  • Environmentally friendly as all equipment is reused and energy consumption/CO2 emissions are minimised.
  • Economical. Rental costs for the Altiflex modules are attractive compared to the total cost of disposable solutions.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Ecological aspects
  • Save up to 40% of heating-costs during construction of a building.
  • Reduce waste.
Economical Aspects
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  2. Possibilities to access to European/national funds, etc…

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Altiflex is already on the market in its homecountry Denmark. The plan is to start export to other countries in 2011.

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René Grøn
Teknologisk Institut (DTI), Center for Produktion
2630 Taastrup
Tel: +45 7220 2937