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Prior to the implementation of this innovation, chlorofluorocarbon was used as a freezing agent in the refrigeration system. This refrigeration system had negative environmental impact and it was energy inefficient. Therefore, a spiral ammonia refrigeration system has been instaled. This modernization enables to save energy, reduce consumption of water and chemicals as well as it gives indirect impact to the environment in regard to reduced air emissions due to electrical energy savings. A scheme of the process after modernisation is presented in the figure.


Implementation of spiral refrigeration system in the confectionery company focused on electricity savings, reduction of water consumption and wastewater as well as reduction in chemicals consumption has clear economic and environmental benefits. The technology is practically tested.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
  • Reduction in water consumption - 2800 m3/ year;
  • Reduction in wastewater - 2800 m3/ year;
  • Electricity savings - more than 280 MWh/ year;
  • Reduction in chemicals consumption (chlorofluorocarbon (CFC)) - 200 kg/ year; 
  • Reduction in CO2 from chlorofluorocarbon  - 0.01 t/ year;
  • Reduction in CO, NO, CO2 emissions due to energy savings - more than 127 t/year.
Economic Aspects
  • Total investment is approximately 0.54 million EUR. Total profit from the project implementation in a given case was almost 0.16 million EUR/ year (payback period - 3 years).

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Total investment is approximately 0.54 million EUR.


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