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Xpert S
A complete Smart District Heating Substation for hot water and radiator system.
Made in Sweden!
Xpert S comes complete with all components required for hot water and radiator system including variable speed radiator pump, hot water circulation pump, and gauges. Select size, add expansion vessel, plug in and start! Feel safe, economic and environmentally friendly.

Even temperature = low energy consumption

Indoor temperature always varies over time,regardless of what kind of heating system is used. People also tend to accept higher temperature rather than lower because you can always open a window.

This means that most systems are set high in order to keep the comfort in colder periods, and prevent complaints when sudden drops occur. The average temperature is therefore higher than needed.
By equalizing the indoor temperature with NordIQ Softcontrol
energy is saved continuously and the DHS delivers exactly what the
system needs, when it needs it.

Monitor and control via the internet.
In cooperation with CRA we offer web services together with our substation. You will have full control to monitor and change set points.


Energy saving
NordIQ SoftcontrolTM saves energy continuously.


Lower power demand means lower fixed costs
and less expensive peak power production.


Our substation cools district heating water to 35 °C
- enabling the use of environmentally friendly waste energy,
and more customers in the system.

Plug & Run !
Our substations have 3 max-capacities. The micro computer
handles the fine-tuning. No hassle with dimensioning.

Monitor & Control

With more sensors than any other DHS you will have absolute
control over your system. Check out this demo and see how you can get the power to analyze and improve performance with our Web-features

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects 
Saving energy  means reduction of environmental impact 
Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)
You work better in a normal room temperature without huge temperature fluctuations
Economic Aspects
Less fluctuations means lower energy cost and more effective work

Application examples

Union Brygge (, Drammen, Norway.
Contemporary residential building beautifully situated along the river Drammenselva.
144 apartments and premises, totally 14.400m2 heated area, totally 740kW .
Customer: Drammen Fjernvarme.

Senior residential, Katrineholm. 60 apartments,
7025 m2 heated area.
Customer: Katrineholms Fastighets AB

Skogås, Huddinge, Stockholm. 6 new substations supply heat for totally 37000 m2 heated residential buildings.
Customer: Huge Fastigheter AB.

Föllingebacken, Tensta. Residential building with 147 apartments of totally 12.460 m2.
Customer: Stockolms Kooperativa Bostadsförening.

Brf Furan, Sandviken. Residential building of 280 apartments, 16.800 m2. The largest substation built by NordIQ so far. It had to be demounted to be lifted into the substation room. It took less than an hour thanks to modularisation and a cable harness with automotive connectors making demounting possible.
Kund: HSB Brf Furan, HSB Gävleborg.

A pilot project with 6 residential buildings, sponsored by the Swedish Energy Agency, Gävle Energi, Göteborg Energi, was run during May 2003 and September 2004. The results are, for many, astoundingly good.
Prof Sven Werner, FVB District Energy was commissioned by the Swedish District Heating Association to make an independent evaluation.
Read the abstract (please look at the end of the paper for an English abstract), or the whole report (Swedish 1,4Mb)>>

See also our own report (English 1.8Mb) and the news page.

"Gröna Vallen", Göteborg, 3 floor/wood/stone,
120 apartments, 5981 m2.
Climate compensated consumptions:
before installation (May 2003): 205 kWh/m2
after installation: 163 kWh/m2 (-21%)
Read more>>

Södra Köpmannagatan, Gävle, Compact/stone,
39 apartments, 3125 m2.
Climate compensated consumptions:
before installation (May 2003): 111 kWh/m2
after installation: 99 kWh/m2 (-11%)

Järnagatan, Södertälje, Compact/stone,
12 apartments, 2041 m2.
Climate compensated consumptions:
before installation (Sep 2004): 214 kWh/m2
after installation: prognosis 171 kWh/m2 (-20%)

Baldersgatan, Göteborg, Compact/stone,
20 apartments, 1445 m2.
Modern substation upgraded with NordIQ Softcontrol
Run with alternating conventional and Softcontrol
Climate compensated consumptions:
before installation (May 2003): 110 kWh/m2
after installation: under evaluation (prel -10-20%)

Kaplansgatan, Gävle. Compact/stone
47 apartments, 3936 m2.
Climate compensated consumptions:
before installation (May 2003): 171 kWh/m2
after installation: 147 kWh/m2 (-14%)

Visit the real time web-demo now!

Jägargatan, Gävle. 2 floor/wood,
28 apartments, 2300 m2.
Climate compensated consumptions:
before installation (May 2003): 174 kWh/m2
after installation: 151 kWh/m2 (-13%)

Jökelvägen, Gävle. Compact/fluff
76 apartments, 5950 m2
Climate compensated consumptions:
before installation (May 2003): 152 kWh/m2
after installation: 152 kWh/m2 (0%)
Defective radiator system!



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