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Incoming raw biogas, depending on production source, is saturated with water, contains H2S and CO2. H2S is removed in a two stage H2S removal system.The first system is a combined caustic scrubber and bioreactor system. The second stage is an activated carbon bed, where H2S is absorbed down to very low concentrations, typically below 0.5 ppm.
CO2 is removed in a counter current packed absorption column. CO2 enters the column at the bottom and recirculated CApure™  liquid is sprayed from the top.
The CO2 enriched CApure™ is stripped by warming up the CApure™.
Absorption with CApure™ is very selective for CO2 and only very low amounts of methane are trapped by the amine. Thus an extra cleaning step for methane, which in many cases are required for other upgrading techniques, are not necessary.
The high purity of the CO2 stream makes is   as well suitable for use as cooling agent, in green houses and other CO2 applications.


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