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Solarus have three types of systems, based on a concentrating solar capture technology, in our portfolio: thermal panels, PV panels, and hybrid panels. All systems are competitive in terms of cost and performance to their respective peers.
Solarus panels yield a high efficiency at a wide range of temperatures, which allows them to be suitable for many applications. Solarus provides system scalability, flexible installation methods, flat packaging as well as an easier way to harvest Solar energy.
In a normal PV system, a DC to AC inverter is usually connected to the PV modules in order to pass the electricity to the grid. However, passing back to the grid is not yet allowed in all countries. Lithium or other types of battery are therefore needed to store the electricity generated by the PV panels.
As for Thermal system, an accumulator tank (boiler) is necessary to store the heat from the thermal solar collectors in the form of hot water. The hot water inside the boiler could be used directly as tap water or could be channeled into heat exchange elements for room heating.
Our new hybrid system is not more complicated than a combination of the two systems mentioned above with uniform solar panels instead of side-by-side PV modules and thermal collectors. The heat output from the hybrid panel is transferred through solar pipes to the heat storage boiler while the electricity is transferred to the inverter or battery.


  • Light Construction in Low Cost Material
  • Modular
  • Scalable
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Can produce electricity and heat simultaneously
  • Efficient at high temperature due to possible water cooling effect

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
Solarus panels not only work well under diffuse light and unfavorable weather conditions, but also have the ability to maintain high efficiency for high temperature applications. All of which will provide our customers with an easier way to harvest Solar energy. This means a possibility to use sun power in many different geographical zones.

Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)
Solarus panels can help many people to get electricity in places were no electricity is available.

Economic Aspects

The unique hybrid solar panels from Solarus can produce both heat and electricity in the same panel (one square meter of such module will give 136W of power and 400W of heat), offering great values to prospective future users of solar energy. By using a reduced amount of silicon, Solarus deliver panels at a lower cost but equal performance to market leading PV panels.
With a 40MW manufacturing facility, Solarus is able to provide solar power at 1.4 dollars/watt. At higher volumes, a cost below $ 1 / watt is a real possibility. If the heat energy produced by our panel is taken into account as well, then $0.30/watt is a reality.

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