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Gas and water are sent alternately into the spinning loop. By gravity seeks water after being in the bottom of the roller and as the loop gets smaller and smaller in circumference for each turn, the pressure will increase the further into the loop as gas and water pressure. As pressure increases the carbon dioxide is taken up in the water.
For each revolution of the water entering the hose reel the pressure on the gas increases and thus the carbon dioxide dissolves in water, methane gas will not do.
- We are pumping water and gas at 2 bar pressure and raise it to 10 bars. At 7.4 bar pressure carbon dioxide is dissolved, says Per-Olof Karlsson.
After the journey through the hose reel the methane concentrations increased from about 65 percent to 94 percent. Meanwhile, the gas is purified from unwanted sulfur and nitrogen
In order to remove additional carbon dioxide gas is then purified in a so-called water wash where the biogas is forced through the water under pressure.


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