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Ecogrund is in principle a so-called "hot-basis".
Both the wall and ground have good insulation against ambient cooling. The isolation of land is also covered with a radon protective sheet which prevents the passage of radon.
With Ecogrund installed the house is heated from the isolated base. The basis thus becomes dry and moisture-free , eliminating the risks against moist-/ mold damage.
All types of houses can be provided with various degrees of adjustment built in an Ecogrund.

The warm air in the foundations is also the ventilation air of the house. It streams from the ground and up in the home in an air gap between the house's exterior wall and  the floor, the base channel.
When the air has become "old" it will be replaced with new fresh air taken into the ground, but the energy content is extracted by heat exchange.
Heating / ventilation solution for houses with Ecogrund open to various possible sources of heat for air-based heating system. In most cases, is a modern air to air heat pump optimal.


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

As well as considerably reducing energy consumption, the technology also contributes to a considerable improvement in indoor climates. In addition, the risk of radon, damp and mildew damage is eradicated.

Application examples

Ecogrund can be found in several test buildings and Semako has now started selling licences and project packages for those interested in building a property. Ecogrund's overall solution is patent-protected in the USA, Canada and most of Europe.



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