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Alent Power is an efficient energy dirigent.
Alent Power is a new feature that can be purchased as an option to Alents oscillating drying method Alentpumpen ®. Alent Power synchronizes all dryers so that half of the fans are at rest. In idle mode, all the fans are stopped, the ventilation is closed and the heat shunt is closed.

Energy efficiency
Alent Power and Alentpump work together in a smooth manner that saves energy and machinery!
There are no extra stops or closing of fans as the Alent Power system always knows which dryers are resting and what changes will happen in the next seconds.

The principle of the patented Alentpump:
  • Heating and starting of the drying process, as usual
  • Between 0 and10 hours, the drying fans starts pumping
  • hard drying for a short time builds up a large moist gradient in the timber
  • rest, where fans are standing still, and the ventilation is closed
  • moisture migration continues during the rest time
  • the wood becomes moist out leveled , “ conditioned”
  • new hard drying starts  and pumping is repeated
Alents new drying model saves at least 100,000 kWh of electricity per year due to periodically stop of the fans at drying times and quality improvement.


Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Application examples

The market is considerable – in Sweden, there are around 2000 timber driers at sawmills and in total throughout the world there are more than 5000 . In Sweden alone, there is the potential to save between 0.6-0.8 TWh per year.
The founders of the company Eric Björkman and Stefan Ericsson have considerable international experience in the industry.
The unique method is based on exposing the timber to heavy drying for a limited amount of time and then stopping the circulation fans and allowing the timber to recover. The moisture migration to the surface of the timber continues even during the resting periods. Timber can be dried intensively for shorter periods without cracking.



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