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Svensk Rökgasenergiis a leading company in the field of heat recovery and flue gas cleaning
Business concept
To enhance efficiency and thereby improve the finances of district heating plants, sawmills/pellet manufacturers and industry, and to minimize the impact of their dust emissions on the environment, by applying our technology for flue gas condensing, dust separation and drying processes.
Future and objectives
Svensk Rökgasenergi's goal is to strengthen its position as the Nordic countries' leading player in deliveries of complete systems for flue gas condensing and dust separation. This will primarily take place by additional product developments, sales and marketing activities in new geographical markets and by broadening product offerings to new customer segments.
The company's future development and success is based on consolidating our customer-oriented focus.
Svensk Rökgasenergi was founded in 1992 and received its first patent in 1993. The operations were initially based on deliveries of flue gas condensing systems for oil-fired boilers within the 0.5 - 1.0 MW effect area.
The first flue gas condenser adapted for fuel heating was delivered to Rindi Energi AB, Filipstads Värmeverk in 1999. Since then, nine complete systems have been delivered to Rindi - confidence that carries obligations!
Both developments and manufacturing are conducted by the company, meaning that there are fewer cost levels and greater total quality control.
The establishment and development of the company is entirely self-financed. An average of 10% of invoiced amounts has been invested in product development. Expenses for a number of comprehensive EU patents are added to this amount.
Strong development
A total of 17 systems were delivered in 2005. Sales doubled for the third consecutive year, and the top Swedish business newspaper Dagens Industri chose Svensk Rökgasenergi as the most successful company in the Stockholm region. Since 2006 orders from the Baltic States and other European countries are increasing steadily. The company has 25 employees, all of whom are stationed in Stockholm.


Under the Renergi brand, the company markets a number of modules that can be combined to form complete systems for flue-gas condensation and dust separation as well as for drying of sawdust and other materials for production of biofuels. Customers include district-heating plants operating within an output range of 1.5-30 MW, sawmills, pellet producers and industrial users in the Nordic region, the Baltic States and the Netherlands.
Among other products, condensers, electrostatic precipitators and dryers are developed and manufactured within the company's own operations in Stockholm. The systems are built from standardized modules, thereby facilitating rapid delivery and ease of installation and servicing.
Svensk Rökgasenregi is in a strong growth phase. The expansion is continuing, with an export campaign within the EU and the launch of new products. The company has 25 employees, all based in Stockholm
System Renergi is characterized by:
  • All development and manufacturing in house
  • Reliable and proven technology
  • Simple, standardized modules with no hard-to-access components
  • Unique, patented technology
  • All strategic components kept in stock
  • Robust yet simple design withstands the harshest environments
  • Attractive pricing
  • A complete program for total solutions from a single supplier.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Application examples

Key products:
The four products that the company markets are; the Gas Condenser GK, the Electrostatic Precipitator Renergi SSP, the Water Treatment System Renergi VBH and the Dryer Ernergi LTT. Depending of the customers need Svensk Rökgasenergi will combine different parts to the system. When using their solutions, customers could extract 25 – 35% of heat energy at the same time as the dust emission reduces with up to over 90 %.

Some references:
Location: Wyden
Boiler effect: 1,5 MW
Start-up: 2011

Olczyk Sawmill / Poland
Location: Olczyk Sawmill / Poland
Boiler effect: 10,5 MW
Start-up: 2010

Trebic S/Czech Republic
Location: Trebic S/Czech Republic
Boiler effect: 7 MW
Start-up: 2010


Location: Bodafors/Nässjö
Boiler effect: 2 MW
Start-up: 2010

Location: Siauliai/Lithuania
Boiler effect: 38 MW
Start-up: 2010



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