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The Rehact Energy System

  1. Fresh air - Fresh air is provided from several inlets via The Rehact Ventilation Unit (RVU). RVU preheats or precools the fresh air by providing or removing heat via water pipes. In the winter you won’t feel discomfort from cold air and in the summer the air is kept refreshingly cool. At the same time excess heat is recovered via waterpipes to the heat pump where it can be used for hot water generation.

  2. No draft - Using multiple units allows each unit to work with a slow air flow still providing the required amount of air to the building. The slow airflow allows for a low difference in temperature between the energy system and the target air temperature. The fresh air is slowly drifting from the ceiling holding a temperature just a few degrees below desired room temperature. By this method draft is avoided and a good airflow is created. The average temperature in the room is thus lowered with maintained comfort.

  3. Comfort heating - Comfort heating is provided through water based radiant floor heating. By using this type of energy distribution the structure of the building can be kept at an even temperature throughout the day. This reduces the need for using air for temperature control. Radiant fl oor heating doesn’t take up space and cannot be blocked in the same way as traditional radiators. Using the thermic mass of the building for temperature is an efficient way to reduce the need for air conditioning.

  4. Better airflow - To avoid turbulent airflow the exhaust air is evacuated at midlevel and lead through a common duct. A laminar airflow reduces the number of particles from the floor that otherwise pass our respiratory organs.

  5. Energy recovery - Heat energy is recovered from the exhaust air. Since the energy is exchanged from air to water it can be recovered all year around, as opposed to an air/air exchanger.

  6. Designed for the future - In this example heat pumps are used to provide the system with heating, cooling and hot water. Today it is one of the most economic ways to provide comfort as it collects geothermal energy. The geo energy comes originally from the sun warming the ground or a water body nearby. Since the Rehact Energy System is based on distributing comfort energy in the building with water it can easily use future energy sources when they are available.

  7. Solar collectors - It is easy to use energy from solar collectors. When the heat from the collectors is not enough to heat the hot water it can be used to improve the efficiency of the heat pump.

  8. Hot water - Using solar collectors and geo energy is a very efficient way to provide clean and cheap energy


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