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In any building where a comfortable and healthy indoor environment or energy efficiency plays a role, the Parans System offers a valuable contribution. Using the Parans System adds distinct advantages in the following areas:
Office & Education
Wherever people are involved in intellectual work or learning, it’s crucial to provide a supportive environment that keeps the brain relaxed, the mind alert and the body healthy. Research proves that natural light does just that.  In a 1999 study, students in the classrooms with most natural light progressed 20 per cent faster on math tests and 26 per cent faster on reading tests. Workforce studies show how productivity increases by typically 6-16 per cent, absence decreases by around 5-25 per cent. Add to this the energy savings of up to 25 per cent of the annual costs and it’s not difficult to calculate a short time between investment and payback.
Retail Stores
Crucial to the success of any retail store is to attract customers and to make them stay and shop. It is therefore no wonder that sales can increase by 40 per cent as shoppers stay longer in environments made more comfortable and interesting by adding natural light. In addition, the uniqueness and brightness of the Parans System is sure to attract a great deal of attention to any venue.
Galleries and Museums
At last art galleries and museums can show paintings and sculptures in the natural light it was created in! This is possible since the Parans System does not transfer the harmful ultraviolet radiation of the sunlight into buildings, which can degrade artwork and textiles. It only transfers visible light. The heat-intensive infrared radiation that requires energy-consuming cooling is also filtered away.


Our home is where we spend time without obligations, a place for safe and relaxed living. Many homes have rooms that could be so much more inviting and comfortable if they were reached by the living sunlight. With the Parans System, many more rooms - deep inside buildings, north facing or even under ground


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