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Magnetic separators
Used to separate magnetic metals. 

Eddy-current separators

Applications: Used to separate non-magnetic metals such as aluminium, copper, zink and brass. 

Process: Induction is created in a rotating magnetic field to induce eddy currents in the metals. Non-conductive materials follow the rotation of the drum, while non-magnetic metals are separated off in the opposite direction. 

Unique features: The unique elme design separates on both sides of the outer drum. This solution is far superior to conventional methods, which are based on the ejection parabola of various materials. We use only extremely powerful, top quality neodymium magnets to ensure consistency and highest possible reliability in separation. The eddy-current separator is patented. 

Customer segments: Bio-fuel production, waste management, metal recycling, plastic recycling, electronic recycling etc.

Cylinder separators
Used to separate very small fragments of magnetic metals. 

Gravity-assisted separators
Used to separate materials with weak magnetic properties, such as various stainless steel qualities, car tyre fragments containing studs and steel wire, etc. 

Magnetic belt drive
Used to separate magnetic metals.

Swarf separators
Used to separate turnings, millings and swarf, and mixtures of ferrous and non-ferrous metals such as aluminum, brass etc.

Lifting magnets
Various types of materials handling, scrap, sheet metal, beams etc.

Drive- & control system
Power supply and control of lifting magnets.

Magnetic sweepers
Cleaning scrap metal and nails etc. from airport runways, docks, industrial sites, scrap-yards, storage sites, railway marshaling yards etc.

Grapple Magnet


ÄLMHULTS EL-MEK has been working at the forefront of the electro-mechanical industry for more than 40 years, developing methods and manufacturing machines for environmental and recycling operations. By cooperating closely with customers and end-users we have been able to find technological solutions to a variety of challenges and problems - innovations which in many instances have resulted in patented magnetic products.

Our Quality Policy. We design and manufacture products of high quality and technical performance. Every order and every project is carefully specified, and carefully documented routines keep staff fully informed of progress. Orders are, of course, dispatched at the agreed time, and our customers receive technical advice and support when installing and starting up the plant.

Our Environmental Policy. We set our sights high as regards our environmental objectives. When choosing equipment we give priority to alternatives that minimize emissions to air, ground and water. In our product development and design work we endeavor to use environmentally friendly, recyclable materials, and throughout the manufacturing process we consistently choose methods which minimize the impact on health and environment.

The Future. Times change, With globalization comes increased competition. Efficiency must be constantly improved, business operations streamlined. We coordinate the whole process from initial enquiry through design and production to final delivery, ensuring quick, easy access to all key data. Our aim is to reduce lead times and minimize costs without compromising the high quality of our products. And, at the same time, we are firmly committed to contributing to a sustainable society by using our planet's resources in a responsible way.

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