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Solvent Extraction – our speciality

Solvent extraction is a selective separation procedure for isolating and concentrating a valuable substance from an aqueous solution with the aid of an organic solution. For the production of copper, the solvent extraction technique has been completely accepted. It is estimated that more than half of the world's copper will be produced by extraction methods according to the following procedure:

The oxidic copper ore is leached with dilute sulphuric acid. A leaching solution is prepared containing 1-6 g/l copper together with other metals. The copper in the leaching solution is selectively extracted into a kerosene solution containing a copper selective reagent. The copper is stripped from the organic solution to a new aqueous solution so that a copper concentration of 50-55 g/l is achieved. Pure copper is obtained from this solution by electrowinning.


MEAB Metallextraktion AB, a Swedish company founded 1970, is a consulting and trading company, active in the hydrometallurgical field. Our special area of interest is solvent extraction. Our aim is to support interested customers with chemical and technical information and, on request, provide the necessary process engineering and complete equipment package, including start-up services. Our ambitions are built on the following assumptions:

Our customers need efficient hydrometallurgical separation procedures.
We have the knowledge and experience to introduce the hydrometallurgical technique, incl. auxiliary procedures. If MEAB has a solution to the customer's demands, we will have the ability and know-how to suggest process alternatives - an existing process or adaptation of a similar process.

Our customers usually prefer to use their own R&D resources (lab & personnel) in order to secure the know-how.

We will support such activities and make their organisations more complete

  • suggest necessary R&D programs

  • recommend laboratory and pilot equipment

  • assist in the evaluation of the test results

  • perform the preliminary design and engineering work for a full scale plant

  • present a feasibility estimation

The customer intends to build a full scale plant

On request, we will support the customer with an offer for a tailor made, complete plant, including

  • detailed process design and engineering

  • process equipment specification

  • delivery, installation, commissioning and training

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Application examples

Unique process
The Valberg process - Solvent extraction process for recovery of zinc from a weakly acidic effluent.
The MeS process - Recovery of zinc from spent hydrochloric acid pickling liquors.
The MAR concept - MAR hydrometallurgical recovery processes for metals from metal containing waste.
The MECER process - Solvent extraction process for the recovery of ammoniacal etching liquors.
The NIFE process - Nickel and cadmium recovery from accumulator scrap.
The UDDAMAR process - A pyro/hudro-metallurgical concept for metal waste recovery.
The Gullspang process - Separation of iron, cobalt and nickel from scrap alloy by solvent extraction - electrochemical procedure.
The SOTEX process - Recovery of vanadium from flue ash (soot) emanating from oil burned power stations.
The AX process - Recovery of metals and acids from stainless steel pickling baths.
Cd-elyt purification process – Extraction of nickel from a cadmium electrolyte.
The SAEC process – Purification of green phosphoric acid to food grade.
BioMinE – The leaching by biotechnology in combination with well-established solvent extraction procedures will provide attractive alternatives in hydrometallurgical process technology.
The Mongstad process – Removal of hydrocarbon solvents from seawater.
The PASCH Process – Phosphorus recovery from sewage sludge ash by a wet-chemical process.



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