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Vilokan offers a multitude of technical environmental solution specially adopted for SME working with surface coating, painting and electroplating :
  • Cleaning of process water
  • Vacuum evaporator
  • Falling film evaporator
  • Ultra-filter
  • Ion exchanger
  • Active carbon filters
  • Filter presses, sludge separation

Vilokan also offers:

  • Sludge separation for paint shops
  • Re-use of solvents through distillation

Vacuum evaporator

Vacuum evaporators are used for purifying water and water separation. The process takes place in a heat exchange system with negative pressure, which involves very low temperature and energy consumption. The degree of pollution is almost irrelevant because we will adapt the machine to your needs.

Falling film evaporator
Falling film evaporators are customized for industries with high treatment demands on rinse water and emulsions. The machines are designed for easy handling and cleaning, both automatically and manually.

Vilokans ultra-filters are designed for polishing distillates from evaporation plants for, e.g. reducing COD emissions.

Ion exchange
We apply ion exchange when the water is only polluted by salts. The technique is based on two columns filled with ion exchange mass which exchanges hydrogen and hydroxide ions for metal or salt ions. By using this technique the water can be re-used in e.g. rinse water baths. The total water consumption drops as well as the need for a final concentration of the waste. Ion exchange is also used to improve the quality of incoming water if, for example, it is hard and contains a lot of minerals.

Active carbon filter
EnvoCarb active carbon filters are used for separation of oil. Even smell and paint problems can be eased with active carbon filters.

Chemistry and precipitation
By combining a mechanical precipitation unit with floating chemicals we at Vilokan are able to separate e.g. paint, metals and oils. Within the surface treatment industry we use our concept Envocoat®, where both water and solvent-based paint are separated from water. The technique is specially adapted for paint production and spray painting where the paint coagulates and is removed from the water, which can then be re-used.


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Application examples

Vilokan has made more than 100 installations around the world, here are some examples of customers:
Volvo Personvagnar
Sandvik Coromant AB
Viktor Hasselblad AB
Hiab AB
Faurecia Exhaust systems AB
ABB Robotics AB
Ske Lack China
Profil Lakk A/S Norway
Möller Bil (VAG) AS Norway
Astra Zeneca
SKF Russia
Toyota Trucks
Bofors Weapon Systems AB
Ericsson Components AB
Esselte Sverige AB
Scania AB
Atomic Energy Commission, Syria
Sandvik Coromant AB
ABB Motors AB
Husqvarna ABA
Hydro Hycoat A/S Denmark
Norsk Industri Lackering A/S Norway



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