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Geofilters/soil remediation is an evolvement of the sand filter bed where the natural sand has been complemented by some form of filter material, which has a better chance of collecting pollutants in the filter. The filter material can be made up of active coal or peat for instance. The collection is done by both ion exchange and adsorption.
In the Laqua filter we have gone for an additional step and created and active biological geofilter.
Our solution, which has shown great potential, is a mixture based on a moderately structured peat mixed with a selected recycled coal ash. This mixture combined with new irrigation, maintenance and supervision techniques, has together created a modern effective purification step.
Laqua Filter's constitution and function
It's the combination of the physiologic, biologic and chemical operations which makes the filter so interesting. The filter has much in common with an active coal filter when it comes to capturing organic pollutants but also has the ability to break down organic pollutants through the micro/macro organism flora that develops. Also much of the waters regular components is picked up through adsorption, ionic exchange or deposits. ”Laquafilters” are built up simular to a sandfilterbed.

Cross section of a Laquafilter
The control and allocation of water over the bed is a critical point. Here Laqua Treatment AB have developed unique hard and software. A computer continually makes sure the load doesn't exceed set values.


STEP 1: Feasibility study
Mobile pilotfacility for evaluation
Determine the qualification and treatment demands. Through operation in pilotscale show possible treatment effect and give foundation for an extended facility (analysation by Laqua protocol). Contribute in dialog with the customer and the affected authorities to determine the emission need and choice of recipient.
STEP 2: Layout design
With the groundwork as a foundation, design and dimension the facility and make plans for a Laquafilter.
STEP 3: Delivery
Deliver turnkey facilities or components, for example Laqua-filter substrate, geo-liner, geo-liner pipe passage, valve placement, irrigation equipment, irrigation software, pump-stations, control equipment etc.
STEP 4: Management
Service-deal with care and maintenance. Delivery and reclamation of Laqua-filter substrate

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