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The facilities offered by Ecoenergy are combined heat and power plants, where biomaterial is combusted in order to generate electricity and heat with low environmental impact. On the northern hemisphere, in particular in Sweden, the surplus heat is used for heating purposes through district heating systems, but traditionally there has been no applications exploiting this energy in warmer regions. Ecoenergy offers facilities using the surplus heat to clean water, desalinate water or produce cooling. This makes biofuel heat and power plants economically feasible on more markets, which further benefits the environment. In addition, clean water can be produced to a low cost.


Biofuel replaces  fossil fuel

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EcoEnergy Scandinavia AB is a Swedish company whose objective is to develop, design, finance, build and operate Waste-to-Energy facilities on the global market. The company has two main business areas; EPC Turnkey Contractor and Project Development & Finance.
EcoEnergy's technology is based on proven technology adapted to a pre-fabricated modular and scalable solution that is faster and more cost efficient to build than traditional custom designed facilities.
The company is based in Stockholm. Its largest shareholder is the Swedish private equity fund GKL Growth Capital ( Other shareholders include Carnegie Bank (via its affiliate Valot Invest) and Centum Funds AB.
EcoEnergy's CEO is Göran Svensson. Göran and his team have been involved in the construction of most of the large scale WTE plants in Sweden during the past decade.

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