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SkyCab is automated traffic systems, building upon the basic skills of technology for driverless trucks. A comprehensive skill associated with leading industry with regard to automobiles, electricity, electronics and information technology and in building and construction technology enables the development of the system. It is designed to meet the very demanding requirements of the future traffic, environment and society on audience acceptance, environmental acceptability, accessibility, security, flexibility and low operating and maintenance costs.

The intention is to SkyCab to complete or, where appropriate, replace the existing public transport in urban areas. Delivery of SkyCab will be preceded by development of the system which mainly consists in integrating the necessary components and systems to verify the requirements and wishes. The system is based on proven technology.

SkyCab is a fully automated transport systems for individual occupants of small, electric vehicles for one to four seated passengers, or a wheelchair with a person accompanying them, where the wagon without a driver traveling in a separate conveyor system with its own entry and exit points. The traveler need not go with strangers in the same wagon. The traveler going directly from one of several points of departure for his / her chosen final destination without intermediate stops, around the clock, year round in all weather. Going into SkyCab can thus be seen as a convenience service performed by automated taxis in a separate conveyor system free from other traffic.
Target customers 
Passengers using public transport in urban areas.
Customer benefits 
Gain: Attractive access for young and old, day and night, in all weather conditions. Available for all including those who don’t drive cars. Safe and secure individual travelling. Supplements larger mass transportation.
Save: On demand (no waiting). Reduced trip times (nonstop trips), no time tables. No driv­ers (fully automatic; only one central system supervisor). No fuel or oil (electricity).  
Management team: key personnel and competencies 
SkyCab Management Team consists of nine experienced senior key personnel in public transportation, logistics, technology, design, security, economy, marketing and market communication.


  • An innovation -  a new way of travelling
  • An agreement about a unique international co-operation to build a world class company
  • A solid foundation of a highly creative technical concept for further development
  • A dedicated senior management team
  • A potential world market first starting with a pilot system potentially at Arlanda Airport
  • Interests from several international markets, new green cities etcetera
  • A large structured intellectual capital
  • Co-financial possibility from industry and global society
  • A high value of Goodwill
  • Right timing for a successful future.

Innovative aspects (ecologic, social and economic)

Environmental Aspects
  1. SkyCab power usage is 0, 11 kWh/vehicle per kilometre emitting 38,9g CO2/km, using average EU electrical environmental standards.
  2. European Commission proposed limits for new passenger cars are 130g CO2/km starting in 2012. SkyCab´s emissions are less than a third of this limit and one fifth of the average for passenger vehicles in the United Kingdom.
  3. SkyCab emissions can be reduced to almost zero if power is provided by renewable energy.  
Social Aspects (related to the work conditions)
Nominated to the final in the World Summit Clean Tech in Barcelona 2009. Selected by WWF/GlobalFOCUS as one of 12 of the foremost climate entrepreneurs in Sweden. Listed on One Big Thing by US ambassador Michael Wood as one of the 28”hottest” Swedish Clean tech -companies. Highlighted by Confederation of Swedish Enterprise as one of 20 products and services that generates environmental benefits. Listed by SVID, Swedish Industrial Design Foundation, as a Good Example for industrial design inspiration. SkyCab participates in the Swedish Governments initiative for sustainable city development, SymbioCity.

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